Friday, September 6, 2013

Hide and Seek

"And the Lord said, 'Yes, he is hidden among the baggage.'" 1 Samuel 10:22b

The other day our grandchildren were playing hide and go seek. Whenever it was Kherington's turn she would hide but never truly stayed concealed. She would make some noise everytime revealing where she was hiding. Intellectually she wanted to hide but in her spirit she wanted to be found so she could return to fellowship and fun with her brother.

We are no different than Kherington. We want to hide behind self constructed masks and dress up in custom tailored illusions. We are wounded...we are disillusioned...we are downright broken. We refuse to reveal the emotional messes that we work so hard to conceal. But our hiding places are lonely because we were created for fellowship. We were formed to love fully and be fully loved. There is only enough room for one in most hiding places. Like Kherington, we really don't want to stay concealed so we make some noise in the confines of our hidden places.

We really do desire to be found by God and return to the joy of intimacy with Him. We all have a Father who will never abandon His pursuit of us. He might count to 100 instead of 10 before He comes looking for us, but like Kherington's older brother, Carson, God already knows where we are hiding.

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