Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Sweetest 'I Told You So'

Didn’t I tell you that if you believe, you would see the glory of God?” John 11:40.

One of the most dreaded statements that we can hear is ‘I told you so.’  There is something unspoken in those spoken words.  Hidden thoughts like ‘You should have believed me...I know more than you know ...If only you would have listened to me.’  As a Christian there have been many times in my life when my action or non-action echoed that I do not believe God for His promises.  In situations where someone wronged me I took matters in my own hands and didn’t forgive...I did not believe that God would bring justice.  I secretly and deceitfully spent money as an escape when going through a tough time with my daughter...I did not believe God would rescue and heal.  I took credit for things that God had arranged in an attempt to gain others’ approval...I did not believe God was worthy for the credit.  I can go on and on about the things I didn’t believe. 

How is it that we believe God for our salvation but fail to believe God in our challenging circumstances?  How can it be that we believe God raised a human from the dead and still doubt His intervention in redeeming our circumstances?  One of the most well-known verses in the Bible sums up this spiritual dilemma in 8 words. ‘I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief’ Mark 9:24.  I feel like the first part of this verse is the father claiming that He believes God for who He is, but the second shows a lack of faith in whether God will do what He says in the man’s circumstances.  As Christians, we know we believe in God but ‘even the demons believe’ (James 2:19).  Believing in God speaks to our salvation and eternity.  Believing God for everything else speaks to our faith and confidence we have here on earth.  What if we crave those ‘I told you so’ moments from God and are witnesses to His glory and amazing power on earth because we believed?  How wonderful will it be for the believing woman who hears ‘I told you so’ as she witnesses her prodigal child coming home?  How glorious for the believing man who hears those words after a season of sacrifice, benefitting from the awesome blessings?  What music to the ears for those believing hearts that have begun to beat again after losing a loved one?  If we truly believe on earth as we do in Heaven the things that God promises, we will see the glory of God in our circumstances. 

In whatever tough situation you face, be encouraged and confident that we have a Father who wants ‘to tell us so.’ And IF we believe we will see some mind-blowing blessings and witness the powerful glory of God.  I don’t want to wait until Heaven to hear ‘I told you so.’  I want to experience His daily power, strength and wisdom.  I don’t want to be surprised by His intervention but expectant of His movement. 

‘...and his incomparably great power for us who believe’ Eph. 1:19.

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