Monday, January 16, 2017

Our Heart Home

I try several times a week to walk in my area, and always go into this housing community where homes are still being established. Yesterday, while walking through the community I was focusing on the different homes and their offerings. Some homes were for sale, while others were occupied, marked with inviting welcome mats and rocking chairs on the porch. A few of the lawns had signs offering a ‘Quick Sale’ opportunity. And, of course there were two or three model homes. Half way through my walk, I watched a police officer cruise the neighborhood streets. Anyone, who knows me knows how I love to draw analogies of everyday things to our spiritual walk.

I began considering these homes as hearts and how we offer certain opportunities for the Holy Spirit to move in and through our lives.

The model homes are likened to those hearts that protect their image above all else. They never allow anyone to have knowledge that things are not ‘out of place’ in their lives. Everything they do and everything they are lends itself to this goal. The Holy Spirit drives right on by for now, fully understanding that truth does not live in that heart. He knows at some point the fa├žade will fall and that heart will be searching. The next heart is the one who has motioned for the Holy Spirit to pull over…come in…share some time together. It is the heart that will receive advice and teaching…it is the heart that heeds the warnings offered. It is the heart that enjoys those visits and feels protecting by His presence. The ‘Quick Sale’ heart is the one that needs resolution as soon as possible. Time is of the essence, and a crisis is on the horizon. The Holy Spirit lingers around this one because He knows things will soon be chaotic with the urgency of the situation.

I have moved many times within my heart community and fully understand their differences. I must say that the heart that now resides in me is a heart that cannot operate without the constant visits of the Holy Spirit. I am a ‘quick-sale’ wreck without His guiding presence.

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