Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Empty Your Nets and Cast

Master, we worked hard all night trying to catch fish.” John 21:5

Early that morning the only thing that boat occupied was exhausted fishermen.  Cast upon cast the nets returned empty.  They hung in there until the morning dawned but it wasn’t pretty…grumpy and tired souls with futile results.  And yet, when Jesus offered His guidance there was one who argued, one who felt he knew more.  There was no room for fish in his net because it was full of pride.  After reconsidering he emptied out his pride, took the advice of Jesus and cast the net once more.  Suddenly, the nets jerked violently and his eyes grew wide with excitement…fish piled on fish, a yield too great to pull in alone.

Years ago, when my daughter was on drugs living on the streets, I was constantly casting my net in hopes of reeling in that one big fish…the fish that would feed her soul and return her to our family.  Day after day I would pack my nets, push off from the shore and battle the storm.  I would cast and cast with no yield, believing that one day I would cast in the right place and hook my fish.  Days turned into years and hopes turned into heartbreaks.  My boat was battered and broken and was taking on water.  After six years of no anchor and a storm battered heart I dragged my little boat and humble net onto shore.  I was drenched with exhaustion and about to fall for good when I saw the flickers of a flame in the distance.   I sensed the aroma of the very fish I had been trying to reel in.  I walked towards that little flicker and the closer I got I realized it was Christ and He was offering the yield. 

When they landed, they saw a fire burning coals there with fish on it and some bread…Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast” John 21:9, 12.  I was looking for fish…He also gave me Bread.  I was looking for answers…He gave me His promise.  When I dragged up with a surrendered boat and an empty net He gave me the very thing my heart desired. 

Whatever you are battling in your life, don’t leave the shore without your Anchor and allow Him the helm to navigate.  Your yield will be too heavy to pull in.

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