Monday, June 25, 2012

Don't You Even Care?

Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?”  Mark 4:38b

Prior to meeting Jesus, the disciples had battled many storms in the past.  Before Him, they didn’t know any other way to survive storms but to focus on what they could accomplish in their own strength.   Now that they knew the power of Jesus, they focused on what He wasn’t doing to calm the storm.  Before Jesus, the storm was made up of wind and water to them; after Jesus the storm was made up of accusations and criticism.  These disciples did not question His power but questioned His character.   As our faith grows we become more and more aware of the power of Christ.  We know that we possess the One who can calm the storms and move mountains. 

It is one thing to navigate through life without a deep relationship with God.  We attempt to resolve our problems through our own strength and power.  But what about when we have invited God into an intimate and living relationship with us?  When we have experienced and witnessed the amazing power of the living God in other seasons, but now He almost seems absent…silent…asleep?  We look upon our circumstances and turn to God and say ‘Don’t you care, Lord?  We seem to forget the other storms that He calmed, and begin equating tough times with a lack of His love.  If you loved me you would …. If you really cared you would not …’

What questions are you struggling with this morning in your storms?  Are you questioning God’s character instead of His timing and provisions?  I believe God expects us to come to Him with confusing thoughts regarding desired resolutions and unmet expectations.  However, there is a fine line when we approach Him between the questions regarding the when and how’s of God and the love of God.  God is love first and foremost, and when we settle that in our heart and mind all questions will be appropriate requests to God.  We will come to Him in praise for His nature first and desires for His provision will follow. 

Through praising God for His divine attributes we position our faith to expect and hope for His provisions that will follow.

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