Monday, July 9, 2012

Walking With a Limp

“…he touched the socket of Jacob’s hip so that his hip was wrenched as he wrestled…The sun rose above him…and he was limping because of his hip” Genesis 32:25, 31.

I remember hearing years ago never trust a Christian without a limp.  As my Bible Study comes to a close this morning I understand this statement with more clarity.  Faith Limps is a study that reveals a great God in a broken world.  It is a study that challenges our mentality that we are to experience an easy walk on earth.  It is a focus on the spiritual picture instead of our own picture. 

When we determine that we want more of God and less of ourselves we enter a journey where the terrain gets rocky and the path gets tougher.  The path winds into the valley and onto the mountain, the winds fiercely blow and eventually calm.  The fires burn hot but the yield creates beautiful pottery.  When we intend on growing with Him and in Him we move from skipping through life to limping in life.  Jacob wrestled with God in an effort to hang on to his own abilities and agenda.  He was relentless in surrendering but God was relentless in love.  God had to overcome and break Jacob in order to bless him.

When we go through heartbreak and challenging circumstances, it is our wrestle with God.  We wrestle with questions about God’s justice, His love and His character.  We wrestle with doubts about our future and our faith.  We wrestle with ourselves in an attempt to force an outcome in our favor or right a wrong.  When I look back at the way I would take credit for my service in the name of God it makes me realize how spiritually sick I was.  God broke me down and overcame my prideful motivation and insecurities leaving me with a painful limp…memories of whom I was and never wish to be again.  My limp reminds me that everything I do must be to the glory of God…that every step I take must be at His direction and initiation.  I must lean on His word like a cane and take intentional and focused baby steps not to fall.  My limp reminds me to speak of His grace and mercy to those whom I meet along the journey.  But mostly, my limp reminds me of my own frailties compared to His power and might.  I can only hope that while my limp is not perfect it is a testimony to God’s glory that speaks on its own.  And our limps and wounds will remind us that in any circumstance He is ultimately, divinely, lovingly, and abidingly able.’ Faith Limps, Michael Kelley – p. 157.

May each of you walk with a limp!

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