Friday, December 28, 2012

Oxygen Masks

“…and they gave themselves first to the Lord and then to us in keeping with God’s will” 2 Co. 8:5.

A few months ago we were traveling to Austin, Texas to enjoy a week-long vacation with my sister-in-law and the family.   The flight attendant went over the mandated instructions in case of an emergency.  I remember the most important one was the demonstration of placing the oxygen mask over our face before we assist others in their distress. 

As I read our verse this morning, I draw a parallel with the attendant’s instruction on attending to our own lifeline first.  We are not equipped on our own to be the lifeline for others in this world.  We cannot give of ourselves without allowing God to enable our giving whether it is financial, physical or spiritual assistance.  Through our time in the Word we strap on that oxygen mask and allow the Holy Spirit to infiltrate our mind and heart.  It is through the shared fellowship with Christ that we can breathe in the spiritual truths allowing us to help others.  Without our own oxygen line first to God, then to man, we threaten our own spiritual health. 

In addition to the spiritual health benefit, it is God’s will that we will always seek Him first in fellowship and intimacy, so that He can work through us in the life of others.  We must grab Him first and inhale His truths and principles if we are to impact others in their walk.  Through establishing good spiritual health we are guaranteed to accomplish God’s purpose for our lives in His kingdom.

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