Monday, May 13, 2013

If Not Me, Then Who?

After that whole generation had been gathered to their fathers, another generation grew up, who knew neither the LORD nor what he had done for Israel” Judges 2:10.

The other day my husband Bruce told me that twenty years usually mark a generation when talking about people.  I was shocked to hear this and saddened this morning to apply this to Scripture.  This means that the referenced generation was a group who had grown up with parents and grandparents who had actually wandered in the wilderness…some had parents who had actually walked through the River Jordan on dry ground…uncles and granddaddies who fought the battle at Jericho and witnessed God with all of His miracles.  So how in the world does just one generation later NOT know the Lord and what He did for their parents and grandparents?

Sadly, we only have to look around in our own culture that has reframed, restructured, remolded and reconfigured Yahweh.  This generation is being raised up with the worship of other gods… the reality of fractured families without Christ at the center…the removal of God in every facet of life.  With that kind of competition against God we must make concerted and intentional efforts for God…starting with our own children and circle of influence.  We cannot stand around waiting for others to impress God on the next generation.  What will our culture look like if we rely on future generations to determine who God is?  It begins with us.  God must be on our minds, in our hearts and in the actions of our hands.  It is the ultimate Lessons Learned that needs to be communicated daily to this generation.  We will each be judged for the words from our mouth and the works of our hands.  There are only two reasons that the generation ahead of us is not learning the lessons of God and bringing about their own legacy of revival…either we are not teaching them or they are not listening.  Are we teaching the lessons and truths of God?  Are we listening and applying our own words to our lives?  What we do or fail to do daily for God will determine our part in bringing about revival.  While we cannot know God for our children we can introduce God to their lives.  We are only responsible for our little world that God has drawn around us, so what impact for Him have we made in that little circle?

We must ask ourselves each day we are given from God, ‘If not me… then who?’

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