Friday, July 19, 2013

Under the Christmas Tree

Rejoice in all the good things the LORD your God has given you and your household” Deut. 26:11.

When our children were little they would ask for all sorts of things for Christmas.  We would look at their requests, look at our bank account and determine whether it would be something good for them.  Then the shopping began, the purchases were hidden, the gifts were eventually wrapped and placed under the tree.  Christmas morning was always so exciting and most times one would go and wake up the others.  Anxiously, they grabbed their gifts making their own piles and began opening their presents.  Sometimes there were shrills of excitement as they discovered exactly what they asked for.  Other times there was an emotionless thank you as they opened something they needed such as socks.  Still other times they opened a gift that was tough to understand because it had clues they had to follow.  All in all Christmas morning was sprinkled with a few gifts that were exciting, a few that were necessary, a few that they had to work for to receive, but all were for their good in the end. 

We also have a Father who wishes to bless us with gifts that will thrill us…those gifts that are the desires of our heart.  He also blesses us with gifts that are necessary such as circumstances that will grow us into deeper fellowship with Him.  Some gifts seem incomplete when they come to us, causing us to depend on Him to show us the next clue.  Above all, everything that God allows into our lives will be an immediate blessing, a necessary blessing or a revealed blessing.  His gifts will always be aligned with His will for our lives and will always be towards our good. 

So let us rejoice in all the good things He has given us and our families!

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