Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Loaves of Humility

The apostles gathered around Jesus and reported to him all they had done and taught…But many…ran on foot from all the towns and got there ahead of them. ‘Send the people away…’ ‘You give them something to eat’…Then Jesus directed them…and gave…to the disciples…to set before the people.” Mark 6:30-41.

This exchange between the disciples and Jesus always makes me smile because it reminds me so much of myself.  Obviously, the disciples adored Jesus but no matter how close they got to him their human nature occasionally got the best of them.  Their achievements and service to him were many times underscored by the rising up of their flesh.  Basically in our story above they served for Him, reported to Him, demanded of Him, were humbled by Him and were used through Him to advance their original message of hope and salvation.  Does any of this sound familiar? 

I only have to look as far as my service to God to see this ancient story played out in present times.  In facilitating Griefshare, the emotional toil can be exhausting to say the least.  I love that God called me to this ministry for I have been spiritually connected to some amazing people.  Before the last session I was ‘reminding’ God how many sessions I had led. (…and they gathered around Jesus and reported all they had done…)  I knew people were already signing up for the next session in an effort to find relief from their pain.  (…many ran on foot and got there ahead of them…)  I had decided that I needed a break from Griefshare and was probably going to tell my minister I was pulling back.  (…send the people away…)  God made it extremely clear through two different circumstances that I would be returning to Griefshare.  (…You give them something to eat...)  Much like the disciples who had to serve loaves of humility when they realized that Jesus commanded their service, I knew that I would carry my little 'loaves' into the church for another session.  Like always, I was immensely blessed by this most recent session with some amazing women.

God will always determine our ministries and the length of time for which we will serve.  When He places people in our path we must remember that His will must be done.  What if the disciples huffed off at the command of Jesus?  They would have missed the miracle of the moment.  In that same vein, I am constantly amazed in Griefshare at the way God feeds those suffering from grief.  They come in hungry and leave fed; they come in thirsty and experience the Living Water.

When God directs our service, He gives the required provisions, and miracles are experienced.

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