Thursday, May 17, 2012

She's Got Issues!

Who touched my clothes?” Mark 5:30

 This story is about a woman who had experienced great issues for many years.  She was physically depleted, financially drained and publicly ostracized.  She knew to whom she needed to turn.  The stories were famous and His power was clear – if she could only get near to Jesus her issues would be dealt with and healed.  She methodically burrowed herself in the crowd and pushed into it until she had made her way up to the Savior.  She inconspicuously and without fanfare reached her weak little hand out and simply touched the hem of Jesus.  He immediately stopped and asked this important question above.

I have lived the majority of my adult life with issues much like this woman.  I turned in my own strength and wisdom trying to fix my problems.  I spent money on things that brought me no happiness, only making matters worse.  I went through things that made me feel publicly ashamed and embarrassed, some issues being self-imposed, while other people imposed them upon me.

In 2006, I pushed through the crowded issues of my life and reached out for Jesus.  Like the woman with issues, I knew He could heal me if I simply chose to get close enough.  When I finally reached out to touch Christ, He immediately took hold of me and asked, ‘Who touched my hem?  Who called upon my power?’ ‘It is me Lord, Brenda.  I am sick of my issues and drained of my own attempts for a better life.’  Christ already knew who called upon His name and asked for healing.  But Christ is about much more than establishing our testimonies – He is about establishing our relationship with Him.

No matter what your issues are this morning or how long you have lived under them, you are only one reach away if you will simply push through the crowded thoughts of your mind.  He will stop and meet your gaze and begin the most intimate fellowship with you that you have ever experienced.  You will never be alone no matter what issue may arise.

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