Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Plush But Pointless Imprisonment

“Then the girl who pleases the king be queen instead of Vashti” Esther 2:4.

The Book of Esther may seem like a couple thousand years ago but we have our own version in the present.  We only have to look to Hugh Hefner and shows like the Bachelor to see examples of present day King Xerxes…a man who surrounds himself with a group of hopeful hearts.  They sign up for a chance to be chosen or rejected by a stranger.  They hand over their worth to a man who cares primarily about his own happiness.  Their focus is on the image they create and the work of outward beauty.  I would be a hypocrite if I told you that I have never watched this show.  I have been hypnotized into the show on more than one occasion. 

There are so many women who hand power over to another in the name of love…or comfort.  I have seen up close and personal the effects of putting up with the demands of a ‘King Xerxes’ in exchange for a ‘perceived better life.’  The price eventually paid is staggering and all encompassing…fear of loss, loneliness and sadness.  My Bible Study regards living in the palace as follows:  ‘…more like widowhood than marriage.  The prestige of living in the royal palace was small compensation for the king’s neglect, though girls with a passion for luxury could not doubt indulge it to the full…plush but pointless imprisonment.’

I have a family member for whom this statement was written...plush but pointless imprisonment.  But she has a King who will not settle for less than her best.  She has a King who trumps self-appointed kings with self-made kingdoms.  In losing her position in his kingdom she has inherited a better Kingdom, a Kingdom built on eternity.  This girl has indeed pleased the King and is being made into His royal family. 

We all have a King who chooses out of love not out of gain.  We are all invited to approach the throne and claim our rightful place in Royalty.  What is the catch?  We must trust that everything we are and everything we need … we already have in Christ.







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