Monday, September 10, 2012

Shoes Made for One

“…let him issue a royal decree…which cannot be repealed…that Vashti is never again to enter the presence of King Xerxes.  Also, let the king give her royal position to someone else who is better than she” Esther 1:19.

Well with friends like this, who needs enemies!  In a drunken stupor the king sent for his queen, not out of love and devotion, but rather to adorn his own arm.  The queen refused, the king became enraged and his wise men (also intoxicated) advised him to be done with her forever.  While there are many considerations, the Bible stays silent on why she was disobedient to the king by refusing his command.  I believe the reason isn’t as important as to the manner in which we can apply it to our lives.  We have all walked in these royal shoes at one point in our life or another, whether be it the queen’s disobedience or the unforgiving advisers.

We have all been guilty of overindulging on bitterness and unforgiveness, issuing our opinions and ideas on the actions of others.  There have been times in my life when I have determined by royal decree that punishment should come to those who failed to act according to my expectations.  Like these selfish advisers I approached the King reciting what was done against me or my family expecting Him to punish that person.  Better than she…what condemning words that have no place on our lips and no room in our hearts.  I think of poor Queen Vashti and my heart goes out to her.  We cannot know what she had experienced leading up to that public event.  We can only surmise that life was difficult back then just as it is now.  What if this was the worse season of her life? 

There isn’t enough room for two people in a pair of shoes so why do we judge the actions of others?  We have neither walked their journey nor lived in their skin.  The journey is tough for all of us on this earth.  I have said so many times that I would be heartbroken if I was judged during the most sorrowful and challenging times in my life.  During tough times, no one on this earth perfectly responds due to exhaustion, fear and downright sadness.  Times of the suffering of others are times for mercy and compassion for God’s people.  Seasons of intense sadness are times for us to step up and be vessels of love for God’s comfort. 

As Christians we need to sober up in our own emotions and intercede in prayer to the King who sees all of His people worthy of His love.

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