Monday, August 11, 2014

When Jesus Won't Come to the Door

Your mother and brothers are outside looking for you…” Mark 3:22.

Jesus’ half-brother James had heard all of the rumors. His big brother was running along the countryside like the family’s loose cannon…promising this…claiming that. James had enough so he gathered his other brothers and mother together and approached the house where Jesus was teaching. He demanded that the master of the home tell Jesus to come and speak with him, after all he had some things to say to Jesus…some requests to make of Jesus. Added to his frustration was the answer that was returned to him…Jesus would not speak to him, nor would he appear to James at the moment. Why? You see, Jesus was up ahead doing the work of God, His Father. He was attending to many people who would be instrumental in the new kingdom to come…the Great Commission. James would just have to understand that Jesus’ presence could not be demanded. His brother would learn that there was no favoritism in his position, but that everyone who believed in the message of the kingdom of God was equal in that family. So James must have left there feeling defeated, deflated and maybe even angry that Jesus wouldn’t talk to him.

How many of us have called on Jesus only to feel like He was withholding His presence? How many of us have approached that door of prayer only to experience silence instead of answers and confusion instead of revelation? Just as Jesus was doing the work of God back then, He is still running up ahead and orchestrating the things God has for our lives. It’s not that He has turned His back on us, but we see His back because He is up ahead paving the way in our troubles…preparing the path of our deliverance.

And then once sweet day, Christ Jesus appeared to James. “Then he appeared to James…” 1 Corinthians 15:7. Did He come up from behind and tap His grieving brother on the shoulder? Or did James see a silhouette coming on the horizon, and recognize Jesus as He got closer? However that private and sacred fellowship occurred, that is the point. Jesus went out of His way to appear to the one whom He had earlier been silent. Jesus appeared when the timing was perfect, and James could finally see Him in His glory. Jesus finally spoke when the cross had been defeated and the resurrection had been completed. Any communication earlier would have been in vain…premature…ineffective. James would never be the same. 

We must hold on to certain truths when we are knocking on Heaven’s door in prayer. These truths are that our prayers are being heard. We must have confidence in the truth that just because we don’t see the Lord working doesn’t mean that He is not. We must trust that when the timing is perfect He will approach us from behind or come to us on the horizon. But the point is He will come to us in our troubles and have the answers for us in our deliverance. The important part is that we keep knocking… keep asking for Jesus…keep our eyes open for His presence.

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