Tuesday, January 2, 2018

When Kingdoms Are Restored

Are you restoring the kingdom…at this time?” Act 1:6

I just love the unapologetic way that the disciples blurted out the obvious.  They had just experienced the brutal and unspeakable torture and death of their friend, mentor and Lord.  Since His death no doubt their grief was unbearable, and their why’s were innumerable.  As Acts opened up with a raised curtain like no other, Jesus was already among them.  We must not miss the richness of this scene.  They were well-aware that Jesus had been resurrected, and that the prophesy had been fulfilled.  But I find it both humorous and relatable that they blurt out such a big order for Jesus immediately.  They no longer doubted that He could restore the kingdom because, after all, He just woke up with a perfect body after being dragged through the streets and beaten to death.  There hearts had had enough, and they wanted to know that this mess was almost over…that the kingdom was going to be restored… ‘AT THIS TIME!’

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for some kingdoms to be restored in 2018!  I am ready for unresolved things to get resolved, and for my lack to get some provisions.  I’m ready for the kingdoms of my heart…my unanswered prayers…to happen AT THIS TIME!  I am asking God to let 2018 be THIS TIME!  When?  When?  When?  I am wondering if you feel the same way.  Are there kingdoms that need to be restored?  Are there hearts that need to be put back together again?  Bodies that need the touch of the Physician to be whole again?  Grief that needs sustaining grace to walk out the loss?  Jobs to be found?  Marriages to be made whole again?  Relationships to be reconciled again?  ‘Restoring the kingdom…at this time.’

Jesus doesn’t ignore their question, in fact He probably is thinking that He is glad they asked!  His response warms my heart as I wait on my restored kingdoms, and as you await yours.  ‘It is not for you to know times or periods that the Father has set by his own authority.  But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on you…’ Acts 1:8.   Jesus is saying that God has the authority, power and timing of resolving everything we ponder in our hearts.  It is not for us to know because most likely we would run up ahead of Him, and complicate what He has orchestrated.  If we do not see it and it is not happening, the time is not right.  But what we do have while we wait for kingdoms to be restored is the power of the Holy Spirit who turns the unbearable into the embraceable if we will allow Him freedom in all our circumstances.  He dispenses the patience we need to wait, the wisdom we need to have and the hope that walks it all out.  Kingdoms will be restored for sure when we leave it up to Jesus.

For we know in part…but when the perfect comes, the partial will come to an end.” 1 Co 13:9

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