Monday, March 12, 2018

Chain of Blessings

While he was still speaking with them, Rachel came with her father’s sheep, for she was a shepherdess.  As soon as Jacob saw his uncle Laban’s daughter Rachel…he went up and rolled the stone from the opening and watered his uncle Laban’s sheep.  Then Jacob kissed Rachel…She ran and told her father.” Ge 29:9-12

Talk about a dirty job for a woman…being in the hot sun day after day in charge of keeping a flock of wandering animals from straying.  Leading them to the same well in the same location and talking with the same shepherds day upon day.  No where was Jacob on Rachel’s radar that one fateful day…that ‘defining moment’ day.  Neither of their lives would ever be the same.  It was a beautiful love story, one that was worthy for inclusion into the Bible.  God orchestrated the timing of their meeting in their most mundane activities.  No romantic dates…no violins… no premeditated arrangement.  Just God…being God.

I can look back over the course of my own life and see those defining moment days.  The day I was scheduled to interview for a job was the day I met my husband of almost 33 years.  The day I was at home sick with the flu was the day I decided to start meditating in the Bible and 12 years later I’m still mining jewels.  The first day that I wrote something that I knew was written beyond my capabilities.  These are all defining moments that string together forming a beautiful necklace of God’s grace.  It reminds me of a necklace I used to have called ‘Add a Bead’.  Each bead was usually added as a gift for an occasion.  This bead for an accomplishment, that bead for a birth, another bead for Christmas.

When we were born God gave us a beautiful chain upon which He adds His beads of blessing.  Each bead is perfectly chosen for us and is uniquely given to us. There have been times in my life when I compared mine to another, counting her beads instead of gratefully wearing mine.   We cannot allow comparison to diminish the beautiful days He has orchestrated for us.  When we keep our eyes on the opportunities that lay before us instead of the success of those around us, we position ourselves to recognize our own defining moments.  They are there…He’s promised great things to those who love Him and walk in His ways.  ‘God has the best surprises in life for us.’ Rachel & Leah, Nicki Koziarz, p.28.

Today and everyday may we walk in gratitude for the adornment of blessings that God has given us.  He will continue to add blessings to our lives and defining moments to our days.

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