Thursday, May 21, 2009

Portraits of Love

"God gives priceless love gifts in the form of those who put up with us. Beyond getting us through a difficult time, their love offers us a more authentic ministry. It's impossible to pay back God, but very possible to pass on the treasures He's given. If someone has done that for you, you are rich indeed." Virelle Kidder, Meet Me At The Well, p. 168.

This author writes of all of us having "framed portraits of love" in our lives that God has given us through His love. She challenges everyone to identify their portraits and be reminded and thankful to God for directing those people our way. He loved us through their love.

I have such an unbelievable album of portraits over the past year. To name a few are:

Bruce, who built me back up every evening when I returned from Beth's with his love, compassion, encouragement and strength...

Everyone on Caringbridge with the constant prayers and entries

The nurses and doctors at Hospice as I felt loved watching them love Beth.

All of my friends who stood beside me and guaged what I needed for that day alone

For Becki & Benay as they supported me in the day to day, everyday...

For Beth, who used every ounce of strength near the end to pull her hand up to my cheek to comfort me

For Mother, who reached out to comfort one of her children when her heart had been shattered...

These are just a few of my love portraits that helped carry me through the past year and should always be honored. All of these have one thing in common - they look like the face of Christ.

What do your love portraits look like?

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