Monday, May 18, 2009

Risk Takers

"The biggest payout, however, usually follows the biggest gamble. And the biggest gamble always represents the biggest potential sacrifice." Fiona Soltes, "Ruth, Gleaning Hope" p.30.

This statement rings such truth for me as I study the call of the disciples. They were living their lives based on the life they had built for themselves. Along comes this radical stranger and simply says "Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men". (Mark 1:16) What in the world did this mean to these guys? They didn't sit down with Jesus and ask what that would look like nor did they ask for more time to get things in order. He called them as they were in the midst of "doing their own thing, their own way and in their own time". Scripture states they simple laid down their nets, rose up and followed Him.

When I think of everything that went along with this obedience I am astonished at their willingness to walk away from the life they had built. No doubt their nets represented security and comfort, their way of life that they had always depended upon. Their net represented their will, their way and their life just as we carry around our nets.

They took the biggest gamble of all when called by Jesus, giving up everything known to them to receive a vague reward promised by a man whom they had just met. They sacrificed not only the earthly comforts but the emotional comforts of security, family ridicule and just good logic. I would say their sacrifice paid off in huge yields and returns based on their obedience.

What is God calling you to do that will require you to "lay down your nets and follow Him"? Do you have the disciple trust in the payout at the end even if you do not know what that looks like?

"Immediately, they left their nets and followed Him."

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