Sunday, June 28, 2009

Camping Anyone?

“For the LORD your God moves about in your camp to protect you and to deliver your enemies to you.” Deut. 23:14a

When we were growing up many of our vacations involved renting a pop-up camper for the six of us and hitting the road. We have such good memories of these vacations as we enjoyed a carefree experience in different cities and states. In looking back, I am sure that while Mother and Daddy enjoyed these times, it couldn’t have been as carefree as what we experienced.

There were many things they had to consider before setting up camp. They had to consider the stability of the ground, the safety of the surrounding woods and the best location to meet the needs of the family. Throughout the week I am sure they would move around the camp to ensure the continued safety of our trip.

God also does this in every place we set up camp. Whether it is at our workplace, our homes or on vacation, He moves about to protect and deliver. He is behind the scenes scanning our campsites to ensure that any danger that may come to us has passed through His filter first and allowed Him to be prepared. The further we move out of our camps and away from Him, He allows us to put ourselves out of range for His immediate protection, security and care. He still sees all but understands that our hearts have roamed into unhealthy terrain and He will allow us to experience the circumstances.

I remember at the age of 14 when I worked at our church camp one summer. We had strict orders to stay on the property and to not leave the gates. One rainy night, four of us decided to leave, crossed the street and entered into a territory that was unsafe due to rumors of drug use. As a car approached, my friends ran off leaving me alone at which point I ducked into the woods. This car stopped and three young guys got out and began chasing me through the woods yelling their intent when they caught up with me. I was chased for twenty minutes although it seemed forever. They eventually stopped and returned to their car. This experience haunted me throughout my teenage years and into my young adult years.

I know, that while it was my decision to wander off, God allowed me to experience the danger my decision created. He allowed it to play out to the point that would change neither His will nor His purpose for my life. In the end, His protection and guidance back to the camp was the one thing that stayed in my mind for many years when facing other situations of fear.

He moves about in our camps to protect and deliver…let Him.

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