Saturday, June 27, 2009

Considering Him...

“I remember the days of long ago; I meditate on all your works and consider what your hands have done. I spread out my hands to you;” Psalm 143:5.

This was a Psalm of David as he recounted the ways that God had been faithful to him in his life. I don’t know about you but a month or two ago I could have used a lesson from David regarding recounting the past.

I was sitting in church watching a video of a woman describing her experience with cancer. She had been given a short period of time to live and surgery was to be a last ditch effort, with little to lose for trying, since she was going to die. The doctor performed one more MRI when, to his astonishment, the cancer appeared to have disappeared. These stories have always brought me comfort in the past, but on this particular day my thoughts went to my sister. She did not experience this miracle and I found myself questioning “why”? I thought to myself "we prayed just as hard as that woman’s family and couldn’t have had more faith. We praised Him throughout the entire journey, and tried to testify to God’s glory through it all apart from our circumstances."

God “remembered” for me that day. As my mind was bent in that direction, God’s spirit touched mine and recounted how I had been the recipient of a miracle that many mothers did not receive. Heroine addiction is one of the strongest addictions to break and rarely is someone able to walk away. It is normally a death sentence with little hope and no turning back, but He had delivered my sweet daughter from her addiction. I was immediately humbled by this remembrance and amazed at how we think in a capsule with our earthly wisdom. I was so grateful that God gave me His spiritual vision that day so I could “consider what His hands had done.”

Many times God will take us back to a painful place to reveal how great and mighty He was to us in that situation. It reminds us of His grace, goodness and power in past circumstances while giving us hope in present and future circumstances.

Remember something He did “yesterday” and thank Him today.

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