Monday, June 8, 2009

Restorer of Life

“Blessed be the LORD, who has not left you this day without a close relative…And may he be to you a restorer of life…” Ruth 4:14-15a

In the Old Testament, the Mosaic law allowed a close relative of a deceased man to redeem his property and wife in order that the bloodline could continue. The death of Ruth’s husband, Mahlon, left his family lineage and property available for a kinsman- redeemer to come in and redeem the life of the deceased’s widow and property.

While we do not have this law, we do have the LORD as our kinsman-redeemer who does not leave us without a way to recover from our losses. His presence during times when we suffer our greatest loss provides a way back to a fully redeemed and fulfilled life. Much like Ruth she received her new life through dedication, humility and obedience as she worked the fields of Boaz and eventually was led to propose to him. God gave back to her everything she had lost and more. He redeemed and restored life in a way that she could never have imagined.

I felt my life being restored yesterday as He led me to the bedside of my dear friend’s dying mother at the Hospice House. Instead of attending church with my family I felt led to go and pray with my friend and her mother. As I walked into the facility I was thinking about the things for which I wanted to pray, and trying to allow the Holy Spirit to bring to mind my prayer items. I had a wonderful visit with my friend and prayed over her mother several times allowing the Holy Spirit to do its work. As I departed I was thanking God for allowing me the privilege to approach Him on behalf of others when I realized that her room had been next door to the room of my precious sister who had gone home to Heaven three months ago. Although I spent most days up there with her for almost two months, I did not make the connection until I had gotten back in my car!

I cannot think of a better example to describe the manner in which our God restores life and continues His work. He is our kinsman-redeemer and will provide a way back to a fully fulfilled and joyful life with an abundance of blessings. If our focus remains on doing His work and trusting His promises of renewal and restoration, we will experience a life of healing, restoration and full redemption. Blessed Redeemer!

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