Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Guaranteed Joy!

"I tell you the truth, you will weep and mourn while the world rejoices. You will grieve, but your grief will turn to joy." John 16:20

Waking up this morning I have found guaranteed great news! The Word of God serves "fresh bread" every morning for whatever my hunger consists of. I try to make my devotions as real life as they can be so each can identify and apply to life. I am led by God each morning for the topic, the flow and the ending and never come to the computer with any preconceived topic. It is always provided through my Bible Study first thing.

As many of your know, yesterday some of my family sat "in proxy" for Beth at Sydney's classroom awards ceremony. Parents gathered together with their cameras wearing both smile and pride as they listened for their child's name with the accomplishments. They watched the cd outlining their children's involvement throughout the year with projects, field trips, classroom interactions, etc...They had a complete day with a complete family. At the end of the presentation the teachers had dedicated the Awards Ceremony to Beth for her courageous fight of cancer. I knew it would be a tough day because it was yet another "first" for me - the first ceremony Beth was unable to attend for Sydney.

I have a precious friend who is coming up on her one-year anniversary of the death of her son. She wrote to me yesterday to assure me that when we get through all of the "first's" there is relief and to ask for and hold onto the peace of God. For me, fresh death is felt at every "first". This first year keeps me entombed with isolation and darkness but with complete assurance the tombstone will be rolled away and the resurrection of my joy will occur. It is a guarantee I can count on thanks to the words of Christ in the verse above but until then the days must tick on and the darkness moves in and out orchestrated at God's timing and comfort. Restored joy will be the moment when light breaks through the cracks, the scent of fresh air filters in the darkness and echoes of rustling stirs beyond the stone.

We all face grief of all types and proportions that entombs us keeping us in the darkness for our "three days". The challenge is to adjust our eyes in the dark so we can focus on the Light beaming through the cracks of our heart and provide the hope in Christ's promise that our grief and mourning will turn to joy. I thank God for not only sending His powerful words of hope and promise but sending them through His children while in their own darkness such as my friends.

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