Friday, March 3, 2017

Bundle Up!

Even though someone is pursuing you to take your life…be bound securely in the bundle of the living by the LORD your God…the LORD has done every good thing he promised” 1 Samuel 25:29-30.
Sometimes in life we overcomplicate things when facing adversity.  We get distracted by the overwhelming details in our circumstances.  We get bogged down in our emotions, blinding us to the situational wisdom God desires to give us.  We feel pursued by our challenges and ensnared by their threats.  At best, we just hang on for dear life during certain seasons.  But I have learned the hard way, that we are going to be bound by something…either our circumstances or our God. 
When we bind ourselves to the Word, we build up a barrier of insolation against the despair of our trials.  We bundle up near the Fire of Heaven and allow our hearts to stay warm in Him instead of developing ice cold attitudes.  We give God the opportunity to minister and move in His perfect will and ways.  God has promised us good and perfect gifts, many we have already opened but many are still left for the future.  I know the times when I am bundled in the Lord, for the peace I have in certain situations certainly is beyond understanding.  The peace has nothing to do with a future outcome, but it’s peace for today.  That is how the bundle works…we get everything we need moment by moment…tear by tear…strength to strength.  The bundle is when we allow God to be God.
This life has a catalog of pursuits that will break our hearts and dismantle our faith.  But we are called to live about our circumstances, and receive the things that God has promised us if we will allow our hearts to trust…our minds to settle…our emotions to not dictate. 
Whatever is pursuing you in this season, you can be confident that God is still on the throne, the promises are still valid and that He will be everything you need.

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