Tuesday, April 25, 2017

But God...

But God remembered…and he sent a wind and the waters receded…the tops of the mountains became visible.” Genesis 8:1.

The first three words of this verse fall on me this morning with such weight. This is the chapter where God redeems all things after the flood has destroyed everything that wasn’t protected in the ark. Noah’s family and everything God chose were dry as a bone inside as the storms raged against them on the outside. The ark must have rocked and swayed…been lifted up in the front one moment and crashed down the next moment. Noah was safely isolated and insulated because not only did he believe God, but he agreed with God. Noah was outnumbered by evil people in the world, and was ridiculed by them for believing God’s message. This verse represents all things promised by God, through God and proven by God. This verse is the final word against man’s flesh and desires. God’s remembrance was followed up with action, and then evidence.

Who needs God to remember something this morning? Who is waiting on the wind of change? Who is on their tip-toes trying to see any sign of the mountaintops? I would say every one of us fall in the category. God initiates change, sends His power to accomplish it and then reveals His glory through it. We must build a spiritual ark around us to ensure protection from the winds of adversity, the deception of sin and the display of darkness. We can count on seasons of deluges when all we can do is wait. We must build our arks before the flood by hammering the Word into our hearts, by covering our minds in prayer, and by using the adhesiveness of faith to hold it all together. Then we believe…we agree…we wait for what seems like forever. And then one day, the rain sounds a little lighter, and the thunder sounds more distant.

And then WE remember the most important thing of all…God remembers…and He sends…and our outcomes become visible. Praise God for being God!

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