Monday, May 1, 2017

Going For Glory

Jesus said to her, ‘Did I not say to you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?’" John 11:40

Bruce and I went to watch our grandson Carson play football on Saturday.  At one point in the game a player from the other team hoisted up the football and let it soar.  I could see the direction of the ball and knew it was going to come down close to Carson.  As I looked at Carson I saw another boy who was also anticipating the ball.  The two jumped as high as they could to intercept the ball both crashing into the other and falling to the ground.  Neither came down with the ball but they certainly prevented the receiver from making the catch.  After the game, my daughter asked him if he got hurt when they ran into each other.  He simply said that all he knew was that they were both just ‘going for glory.’ I absolutely LOVE that boy and LOVE his message. 

As Christians, we can have a life with God of excitement, adventure and wonder.  We can enter the game when the signal for us is called.  We were not created to sit on the bench and watch others leap for the catch.  God intended for us to participate with Him and share in His glory.  But sharing in His wonderful glory means we must work for it.  We must be intentional in the daily grind if we are to be effective when it’s our turn to jump for the ball.  We can’t be timid, lazy or complacent, but must enter the game with confidence and belief.  Carson went for the glory because Carson had two things that we also have with God.  He had authority to go for the ball, and the belief that he could accomplish the catch. 

Going for glory means believing in God’s promise when you don’t see your desired outcome.  Going for glory means keeping God’s commands when our culture does not.  Going for glory means obeying God and leaving the consequences to Him.  Going for glory means believing our loved ones can be healed when the doctor says otherwise.  It means putting on our expanded view of life and understanding that we will all be in eternity one day.  We go for glory when we accept that what has been lost on this earth will be gained in eternity. 

Whatever pass you are waiting to receive…leap…stretch…go for glory!  Keep your feet ready and eyes on the sky so when it is time you will have what it takes to come down with the ball and gain Glory!

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