Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Party of Two

Then the LORD said: "I am making a covenant with you. Before all your people I will do wonders never before done in any nation in all the world. The people you live among will see how awesome is the work that I, the LORD, will do for you.” Exodus 34:10.

Since I became a mother, one of the things that makes my heart soar is to do things for my children. It might be to send them a recipe they’ve requested for the millionth time. It could be to answer a question for them, make a call for them, or do any other activity that blesses them. It is my pleasure and joy to have them included in everything they have time to enjoy. Our pattern for loving parenting is displayed in the heart of God. Since the beginning of time God’s heart has always been for His children. He wishes to spend time with us, show us things that astound us, teach us things that will grow us and reveal things to us that will bless us. How does God accomplish all of this? We can access all of these things and more by simply making the time to be available to Him. He invites us…we decide the rsvp. He seeks us…we decide if we want to be found. He whispers and calls to us…we decide if we have ears to hear.

You can certainly tell those who have accept the call…who have decided to be found…the ones who hear the message. Their lives display wonder after wonder of how God is working in their lives. He surrounds us with a sphere of influence in which He moves and works, showing His love for us. He wants our lives to display his wonders, and desires our friends and family to see all the things He does for us individually and collectively. He wants that with all of us. He is such a personal God of personal intimacy, but will we make the time? Will we rsvp to His party of two?

It doesn’t matter how long we run or how busy our calendar might be. He is a patient God and will wait for His children to respond to Him. His love reaches beyond eternity and His heart is ever beating for each of us. The more we slow down the more God speeds up in our lives. The more we decide to ‘be still’ the more activity we will see from Him. The more of Him we allow into our lives the more He acts on our behalf showing us to be His beloved.

“Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come.” Jeremiah 33:3.

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