Friday, May 12, 2017

Sweet Whispers

Blessed is she [he] who has believed that what the Lord said to her will be accomplished.” Luke 1:45

Let’s face it. The success or failure of any relationship that we experience will be determined by the level of trust in which we have for those involved. If we have a deep and intimate relationship with someone opportunities are frequently given to build this trust. When trust has been proven over time, belief and confidence in that person is born. The same is true of God. God is a personal and individual God who desires deep fellowship and intimacy with each of us. Over time He proves His faithfulness again and again, but are we really trusting Him? Do we honestly believe in our hearts the things that we say we believe or are they just Christian platitudes?

Our sweet verse this morning highlights a very important principle beginning with the word ‘her [him]’. This word is so very important because it proves that God speaks to us individually. He whispers things to us that are for our ears only. He speaks through His Spirit and gives us ears to hear if we are listening. He reveals promises and intentions for our present and our future. So, do we believe Him when He says we will not face our circumstances alone? Are we confident that nothing… troubles… relational challenges…loneliness will separate us from feeling God’s love? Are we convinced in our chaos, God brings perfect order even when we cannot see it? Have we set our hearts on reliance that not only will God bring work, but He will bring purpose and prosperity? The list goes on and on so the question becomes ‘Do we want to be blessed?’

The person who is blessed is the one who believes God over her doctors. The man who is blessed is the man who knows God will deliver work. The blessed woman is the one who anticipates the prodigal child walking back down the driveway. All of us can fill in our own blank but we all have one thing in common that will bring about this blessing…Choice. When we choose to trust God for anything we give Him the opportunity to start building an trust in everything. He is faithful and He will come through in all ways, in all times and in all circumstances. What better deal can you get?

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